Tree of Savior is a MMORPG game in which you will embark on a journey to look for the goddesses in the world of chaos.
Fairy tale like colors and warm graphics in TOS will take you to precious reminiscences in the past.

This homepage was created for all our fans in the world who are eagerly waiting for Tree of Savior.

Tree of Savior will not be serviced by a single publisher in all countries. We are trying to find decent publishers in each country and we already signed contracts with publishers in a few countries. If necessary, we may service Tree of Savior ourself.

When our localization process for each country gets completed, we will receive CBT registrations via each country’s TOS homepage. With that being said, each country’s CBT schedule may vary from each other.
At the beginning, players will play the same version of TOS, but since each country has different preference and culture, they may be different in the future.

You can freely use TOS screenshots and video clips. However, please do not use them for commercial purposes. If you made an art work of TOS, please do not be embarrassed and send it to us via TOS SNS. It will really cheer us up.

If you want to send us questions or opinions, please forward them to
We apologize that we may not be able to answer all the emails, but we read all of them.

Okay then, we will try our best to come back to you soon.

Thank You.

2014 G-STAR Trailer